Beijing East Village: Intimate Collaborations

Tate Modern, London

through fall 2023

Liquid Ground 溢流地

Liquid Ground is a proposal for a future commons, still up in the air, that will one day be underwater.
Co-conceived with Julian Junyuan Feng
Para Site, Hong Kong Fall 2021
UCCA Dune, Beidaihe Fall 2022
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Breathing Through Skin

Antenna Space, Shanghai
Nov 7 2020—Jan 16 2021
with works by Mire Lee, Yong Xiang Li, Pedro Neves Marques, and Issy Wood
Heichi | Artforum China | Artviewer | Contemporary Art Daily | Mousse

We Came to Linger

A gift, an homage, a love letter to Club ALL, Shanghai
May 13—14, 2020
With works by: Julian Charrière, Tianzhuo Chen 陈天灼, Club Ate (Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra), Ip Wai Lung 葉惠龍, Shuang Li 李爽, Shuwei Liu 刘树伟, Victoria Sin, Kenneth Tam, and Tao Hui 陶辉

The Art Newspaper

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D.E.E.P. in The Mesh

chi K11 art museum, Shanghai
8 Nov—13 Dec 2019
D.E.E.P. (Disaster of Extra Epic Proportios), a moving image installation section within The Mesh, an exhibition co-presented by chi K11 art museum and NOWNESS. With works by: Julian Charrière & Julius von Bismarck, Chia-Wei Hsu, Liu Shiyuan, Nicholas Mangan, Farah Al Qasimi, Timur Si-Qin, Tao Hui, Yi Xin Tong, and Zheng Yuan

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In My Room

Antenna Space, Shanghai
24 May—7 July 2019
Taking its title from the late French writer Guillaume Dustan’s 1996 erotic classic, Dans ma Chambre, In My Room considers autofiction as a queer form, and explores its permutation in contemporary practices. With works by Jes Fan, Lewis Hammond, Juan Antonio Olivares, Tao Hui, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, and Bruno Zhu.



Tainted Love

A reading of my autofiction Tainted Love on a bench outside the Portman Ritz Hotel in Shanghai, China, 20 Feb 2020. On the occasion of Nancy Lupo’s exhibition “Scripts for the Pageant” at MOCA San Diego.
A revised version of this text was published under the new title, “My Own Private Whorantine,” in Spike.

Notes from a Bench

A reading of my autofiction Teeth on Pershing Square, Los Angeles, on Oct 5 2019, as part of the program alongside Nancy Lupo’s new sculptural ensemble, Open Mouth, in CURRENT LA Public Art Triennial